A Quick Walk Through Dental Implants

A Quick Walk Through Dental Implants

In this modern era, people look for cheap tooth implants. This is an orthopedic surgery that was invented around 1952s. The treatment takes care of missing teeth and is sufficient to do surgical fixtures at the dental clinic. The dental implant is very useful when you have to replace missing tooth. In fact, it places an artificial tooth root to hold the bridge and tooth together. With a dental implant you will be able to mimic the natural tooth. It doesn’t look artificial and is extremely stable. The fusion of the jawbone with the dental implant is known as “osseointegration”. These implants are made of titanium and can be integrated with any bone in the body. Currently, the success rate of dental implants is 98%.

Factors Influencing Dental Implants

So, who needs dental implants? In general, dental implants are required to replace several teeth, a single tooth or the entire set. The ultimate goal of these implants is to restore all functionalities of the teeth and the person’s esthetics. When you are planning to replace a tooth, you have three options to choose from. One, you can pick partial or full denture. Two, you can opt for a dental bridge. Three, you can choose a dental implant. Several factors should be considered when you choose a dental implant procedure. Here is a quick walk through few important factors to be noted:

  • The patient’s overall health
  • The total cost of the implant
  • The location of the missing teeth or tooth
  • The quality and quantity of the jawbone where the implant has to happen
  • The patient’s preference plays a critical factor too!

In all scenarios, the dental surgeon is expected to examine the area that is considered for the treatment. These assessments should be done to see if the patient is in good shape or not. The best thing about dental implants is that you can take care of the missing tooth without worrying or altering adjacent teeth. Moreover, dental implants integrate with the patient’s bone structure firmly. This means the implants are very stable and can make you feel normal. You will never feel like something extra is attached to your body!

The Types

Moving on, there are two special types of dental implants. This includes subperiosteal and endosteal dental implants. The treatment you follow should be decided by the doctor. When compared against cheap tooth implants arlington va (subpreiosteal implants), endosteal implants produce long term results.

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